The Salesforce Platform Developer I examination is meant for an man or woman who has enjoy growing and deploying basic enterprise common sense and consumer interfaces the use of the programmatic abilities of the Lightning Platform, inclusive of realistic utility of the abilities and ideas noted inside the exam objectives below.

The Salesforce Platform Developer I usually has one to 2 years of enjoy as a developer and at least six months of enjoy on the Lightning Platform and has invested time in analyzing the sources indexed in this examination manual.

The Salesforce Platform Developer I candidate has the enjoy, skills, and knowledge mentioned underneath:

Has revel in with item-oriented languages including Apex, Java, JavaScript, C#, and Ruby.
Has revel in with data-pushed applications and relational databases.
Has enjoy with version View Controller (MVC) structure and element-primarily based architecture.
is aware of the competencies of the center objects inside the Salesforce schema.
Knows the skills and use cases for system fields and roll-up precis fields.
Is acquainted with and able to leverage applicable declarative abilties of the platform, wherein suitable.
Knows whilst to use declarative vs. programmatic strategies.
Is acquainted with the fundamentals of the Lightning framework.
Can use the essential programmatic capabilities of the Lightning Platform to expand custom interfaces to extend Salesforce abilties and broaden custom commercial enterprise common sense.
Can increase the Lightning Platform using Apex, Visualforce, and simple Lightning components.
Is acquainted with the improvement lifecycle from development to trying out, and has knowledge of the to be had environments.