The certified Salesforce CPQ specialist credential is designed for individuals who have enjoy enforcing the Salesforce CPQ solution. This credential is centered in the direction of the Salesforce clients, companions, and personnel who want to demonstrate their skills and know-how in designing, constructing, and imposing quoting flows through the Salesforce CPQ platform. as soon as credentialed, Salesforce certified CPQ specialists will have validated their ability to build package deal configurations, pricing, output files and renewals, and amendments.
The Salesforce certified CPQ specialist has experience with the Salesforce CPQ platform, CPQ terminology, and can troubleshoot and solve simple platform troubles.

The Salesforce certified CPQ expert commonly has 365 days of experience in a CPQ expert function. The Salesforce licensed CPQ professional candidate has experience with the Salesforce CPQ answer, and has the abilties and understanding of the following principles:
Configure bundles (functions, options, option constraints, configuration attributes) and product policies.
Configure charge guidelines using lookup gadgets and components fields, and apprehend quote calculation series and quote line pricing fields.
Given a state of affairs, pick out the appropriate pricing technique (discount schedules, block pricing, reduced in size charges, subscription pricing, percentage-of-general).
Configure a dynamic quote template the use of quote phrases, line columns, template sections and template content material.
Generate renewal and change costs.
Troubleshoot and remedy basic product policies, pricing troubles, and records drift.
make use of the ordering and contracting procedures.
manage products, pricebooks, and pricebook entries.
Configure user permissions, record types, page layouts, and discipline sets.
Familiarity with native and superior approvals.
Informed about CPQ object statistics version (item relationships, twin fields, facts migration, localization).
Informed approximately CPQ package deal level settings and managed package deal concerns.
Configure search filters, and custom actions for product selection and configuration.
A candidate for this examination will likely want help with:

Composite summary variable
Block with cut price agenda
Nested bundles
Nested quote phrases
superior grouping of quote template line gadgets
advanced quote template subjects
A candidate for this exam isn’t always expected to realize or do the subsequent:

CPQ plug-ins
custom Template content
goal URL in custom moves
Integration to third-celebration web apps
Legacy information managing
Administer pressure.com, Visualforce pages, APEX instructions, or JavaScript
Job roles of a Salesforce certified CPQ specialist candidate might also include:

Sales Ops
Technical Architect
Implementation Consultant
Product Manager
Pricing Manager